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There are a million podcasts. Thousands are on the radio, but only a few become nationally syndicated radio hosts, the ultimate proof that they are a thought leader.

The Details

Our goal is to position our Hosts as top thought leaders in their area of expertise. The premise of each Show is simple: this is a selection of best of podcasts in one area. For example, the Pod24 Sports Show introduces the top 24 sports podcasts to the radio world.

  • Top Hosts per Show or Topic
  • Shows air on 4 real AMFM stations across the country, making it nationally syndicated
  • Shows in 8 topics including entrepreneurship, relationships, sports, health, arts, religion, etc.
  • Each Show airs once a month
  • Each Host contributes a minute and a half segment presenting a topic each month that encapsulates each Host’s particular point of view or schtick
  • Shows air in low listenership slots so its affordable
  • Hosts should not expect huge listener number
  • Hosts should expect bump in prestige and career positioning
  • Hosts may give one URL per segment
  • Segments must be submitted in MP3 format 3 days in advance or air date
  • Each show is added to Archives so Hosts can link to and reference them
  • Shows follow a radio time clock with commercials every 12 minutes or so
  • Each segment must be PG-13 and family friendly
  • No political statements, no dirty words, and no sexual innuendo
  • Two 24 minute segments
  • $200 a month
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Only 24 Slots per Show

There are 1000s of podcasters per topic.
Act now before the openings are full.