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Whether you’re a little wet behind the ears in the world of cryptocurrency or you have been blazing the crypto trail for a while, the Wild West Crypto Show on is the best crypto podcast to show you the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of crypto. Thanks to C-Suite, the Wild West Crypto Show has a larger audience than ever. Our show is packed full of information from experts who know a thing or two about cryptocurrency. We’re going to break down everything that newcomers need to know about getting started in cryptocurrency while providing valuable insight for more experienced Crypto Cowboys.

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The Wild West Crypto Show is the worlds #1 source for all things Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Global Financial information. This weekly show features Founder/CEO and Host Drew Taylor, a 35 year record of business successes from the ground up. Drew holds 7 patents, has franchised 2 companies, produced several radio and TV shows and brings this wealth of experience and expertise to the airwaves in the crypto world. 

Brent Bates, co-founder and co-host is a former Merrill Lynch top performer with certifications at all level of finance including starting his own Hedge fund.  After many successful years in the market, Brent launched a very successful Commercial Construction business building millions of square ft of office and multi purpose space.  Brent also hosted his own TV show and 2 radio shows.
The WWCS features weekly interviews from the smartest, most influential folks in the Crypto/Blockchain and financial space. “We don’t purport to be the experts, we use Cowboy Logic to take the complicated world in the future of finance and break it down so our redneck buddies can understand it.  We then bring these smooth talking global experts on and hold their feet to the fire to educate the masses about this revolution/evolution” says Drew.
Our fast, fun, friendly show shot the WWCS to the top of the Media space. Aggregating the more than 50 TV stations, 100 radio stations, top 150 podcasts on iTunes, Roku and Amazon Fire, with Newsmax TV being added soon, there is no better global reach than the WWCS. Tune in easy and often!