Private Money Secrets with Keith Yackey

Private Money Secrets is for real estate investors looking to raise private money for their deals. Having done over 700 flips, owned 300 rentals and raise near 50 million dollars Keith Yackey divulges the goods to help you raise more private money as well.

We all know a vehicle needs gas to run. Your real estate investing business is no different. Cash, or private money, is that gas. No fluff or filler, all real actionable content caressing your ear drums with the sweet smooth sound of how to make more sexy Cashola in your investing business.

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Why Keith Yackey?

Success without Joy is failure in Keith’s eyes, so with that end he shares and serves others to truly share their story and the story of their business to be positioned as the ‘Go To’ person in your industry. People relate to stories and Keith wants to show you how to tell and share yours better so people relate to you and get behind what you are doing.

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