On-Air Talent

$229.00 for each 1 month

This package is for the seasoned podcaster who is ready for national syndication.


Best for: Regular Podcasters.

Custom Podcaster Page

24/7 Podcast Streaming 

Airings Per Week

Advertising for Your Show

Social Media Promotion

AM/FM National Syndication


Pod24’s goal is to get you, the host, new listeners. We hope new listeners hear your show and visit your Podcaster Page on our site. It will have your show's vital info. It will include a couple paragraphs, a picture, and most importantly a link to your site or iTunes page.

Pod24 and your channel broadcast 24 hours a day. Remember the podcasting phenomenon is sweeping the entire world!

Pod24 allows 40 shows her station. The average show is about 30 minutes, so your show will play every 20 hours or so. This means that during a week your show will air eight or nine times and at different times of the day. If you have multiple shows each week, when your new show is posted, Pod24 automatically starts airing your new show!

Pod24 plans to advertise the network, each channel, and each individual show. We have a large budget for advertising to draw more listeners to your show!

Being a nationally syndicated radio host can be a huge boost for a speaking, writing, or thought leader career. However, the cost can be outrageously expensive. Our new show, Pod Radio 24, allows podcast hosts to broadcast nationally once per month for 15 minutes. It airs on 17 stations in cities like Tampa, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Boulder, Long Beach, Jacksonville and Washington DC. Pod Radio 24 runs in the middle of the night, so getting new listeners is not the goal. The goal is to be able to say that you are now a nationally syndicated radio host!